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Pride Traffic Schools comprise a series of programs that are designed to promote public safety through awareness of defensive driving strategies. Pride has been offering the Florida mandated Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Program for First Time Drivers, since 1990. Pride is proud to offer several classes on line for your convenience

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Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) 4 Hours

This course is often referred to as "point school" because completion of a four-hour course generally results in the points not being assigned to a driver’s license as a result of a traffic infraction. Participation in BDI is elected by the student or ordered by the Court.
Online course $28.95 (only available online)


Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI) 8 Hours and Aggressive Driver Program 8 Hours

The Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI) and Aggressive Driver Program are both eight hour courses that address the issues of defensive driving strategies. They are usually Court mandated for individuals whose driving record indicates a pattern of dangerous driving behavior or who have recently completed the BDI course. Each Online course is $60.00 (only available online)


Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) 12 Hours

Students are required to complete this twelve-hour course for a variety of reasons, often as a condition to reinstate their driver’s license. In ADI, students are required to look at attitudes and behaviors as they relate to a pattern of dangerous driver behavior. The course is designed to assist the student in establishing real behavioral changes while driving in an effort to preserve public safety. Online course $62.95 (only available online)

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First Time Driver Education Course

GETTING YOUR FIRST DRIVERS LICENSE Florida statute requires all first time applicants for the Florida drivers license to attend a substance abuse and traffic safety course. Individuals who have attended a Florida Department of Education approved drivers license education course or who have a valid drivers license in another state are not required to complete the course. The D.A.T.E. Course (Drug and Alcohol Education) is offered by the DUI Programs under the regulation of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. This four hour curriculum focuses on traffic safety, Florida laws and on critical substance abuse information. The goal of the course is to provide drivers with the information necessary to avoid injury or untimely death and to prevent the hardship and embarressment of a DUI arrest. The online course requires a total of four hours of course time. At the end of four hours a 40 question multiple choice test must be passed to complete the course and receive a certificate necessary for obtaining a drivers license. Students must answer 32 of the 40 questions correctly to pass the exam. This course is required of all persons obtaining a Florida Drivers License for the first time.

Cost: $29.95


Traffic Collision Avoidance course (TCAC) 4 Hours

This course is a DHSMV ordered Class. It is the same as BDI, but it is required of individuals who have had traffic collisions twice in a two-year period. The class length is four hours. Online course $28.95 (only available online)

Additional Services

  • Special Supervision Program: Need a hardship license? Pride provides the required screening and monitoring at our Florida office locations. Call our Palm Beach County (561-615-0767) or Pasco County (727-847-3411) office for additional information.

  • Monitoring for Ignition Interlock Violations Have you received an ignition interlock violation notice? Pride provides the counseling and supervision required by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Call our Palm Beach County (561-615-0767) or Pasco County (727-847-3411) office for additional information.

  • First Time Driver? Pride offers the required educational program for first time drivers in the State of Florida. Call our Palm Beach County (561-615-0767) or Pasco County (727-847-3411) office.

  • Traffic Education Programs Pride offers a variety of Traffic Education Programs, including the Basic Driver Improvement for a ticket to the Advance Driver Improvement for a points suspension. Call our Palm Beach County (561-615-0767) or Pasco County (727-847-3411) office or click here for additional information.

  • Cognitive Behavior Programs Pride offers a Theft Abatement Program at some of our locations. Contact Palm Beach County at (561) 615-0767 or Pasco County at (727) 847-3411.