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Pride has been licensed by the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles since 1983. We have convenient office locations and friendly staff to assist you with the process of enrolling and completing the DUI Program.

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DUI - Level I

The Level I Program is for individuals who have not previously attended a DUI Program and have no prior DUI charge. Attendance may be required for a DUI, Reckless Driving, Boating Under the Influence or a Drug Related offense. The Level I program includes 12 hours of education and a face to face evaluation with certified personnel. The educational component gives a overview of the current DUI Laws as well as the penalties associated with the offense. It also briefly touches on the psychology of your drinking habits while trying to help you come to terms with and address your poor decision making when it comes to drinking and driving.

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DUI - Level II

The Level II Program is for individuals who have a previous DUI offense or have previously attended the Level I program. Level II enrollment includes a face to face evaluation with certified personnel. The course is a minimum of 21 hours of classroom time using primarily interactive educational techniques in a group setting.

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Other available enrollment options are:

DUI Enrollments by Phone

  • Simply call our office and speak with an Enrollment Officer. They will take necessary information for enrollment and will process your credit card payment by phone. You will be given an appointment time to come in for your evaluation and classes. It's that easy!

    New Port Richey Office: (727) 847-3411
DUI Enrollments by Walk-In

  • You can report directly to our office and enroll in person. Minimum payment of $75.00 is due at the time of enrollment and you should call our office prior to reporting to confirm our office hours. Remember, you must attend the DUI Program in the County where you live, work or attend school.

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Important Facts

***** The State of Florida requires that you complete the required level of education and a face-to-face Evaluation within ninety (90) days of registration. Failure to do so will result in DMV notification and loss of and driving privilege you may have. Further, you will be required to reenroll in the DUI Program and repay all fees and begin anew********

Pasco County DUI Programs Treatment Provider List

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Additional Services

  • Special Supervision Program: Need a hardship license? Pride provides the required screening and monitoring at our Florida office locations. Call our Palm Beach County (561-615-0767) or Pasco County (727-847-3411) office for additional information.

  • Monitoring for Ignition Interlock Violations Have you received an ignition interlock violation notice? Pride provides the counseling and supervision required by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Call our Palm Beach County (561-615-0767) or Pasco County (727-847-3411) office for additional information.

  • First Time Driver? Pride offers the required educational program for first time drivers in the State of Florida. Call our Palm Beach County (561-615-0767) or Pasco County (727-847-3411) office.

  • Traffic Education Programs Pride offers a variety of Traffic Education Programs, including the Basic Driver Improvement for a ticket to the Advance Driver Improvement for a points suspension. Call our Palm Beach County (561-615-0767) or Pasco County (727-847-3411) office or click here for additional information.

  • Cognitive Behavior Programs Pride offers a Theft Abatement Program at some of our locations. Contact Palm Beach County at (561) 615-0767 or Pasco County at (727) 847-3411.