Ignition Interlock (IID) Violations
Frequently Asked Questions

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Because your Interlock vendor notified the State of FL, DHSMV that you had a violation.

Any of the following is considered a violation; two breath tests over the limit at start up, a refused or skipped rolling retest or evidence of tampering.

Yes, you are responsible for all readings on the device. Leaving the car running or allowing someone else to operate the vehicle becomes your problem.

Yes. Products that cause a fume inside your vehicle can trigger a reading on your device. Roll down the windows to air out before blowing. Perfume, hairspray and paint chemicals are a few examples.

Yes. Certain types of foods can cause ambient mouth alcohol that results in IID readings. To avoid problems, rinse your mouth with water and wait five minutes before starting your vehicle after eating.

Yes, cough syrup, dental rinses etc. contain alcohol.

Yes, but you are responsible for their mistakes.

No, the person driving must perform the required blows.

Yes, but the owner of the vehicle must provide written consent.

Maybe, your employer must provide written consent. Contact the DMV for more information.