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The Pride Traffic Schools comprise a series of programs that are designed to promote public safety through awareness of defensive driving strategies. The Traffic Schools have been offering the Florida mandated Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Program in Florida since 1990. The Traffic Schools have proven expertise in the management of large student volume while maintaining compliance with contractual and statutory requirements. 

Traffic School

First Time License

The Pride Traffic Schools offer the following classes:

Note: All fees are non-refundable.

First time license classes: This four-hour class is required of all persons who have never had a drivers’ license and are getting their first license in the State of Florida. You have two options for completing this class:

Drug Alcohol Traffic Education (DATE): This is Pride's classroom based course. It is a highly structured class that covers the basics of defensive driving and the risks of substance use and driving. For information on DATE classroom instruction call in Palm Beach County (561) 642-2400. Cost: $30.00 if pre-registered and pre-paid, $35.00 at the door.

MyFirstLicense.Com: This is an on-line version of the first time driver course. The on-line class lets you work through the course at your own convenience and at your own speed. For an additional fee, when you successfully complete the course you will have an option to take the Florida Drivers’ License test on-line.To register and take the course on line, click here.  Cost: $29.95

Basic Driver Improvement (BDI): This course is often referred to as "points school" because completion of the four-hour course generally results in points not being assigned to a driver's license as a result of a traffic infraction. Participation in BDI is elected by the student or ordered by the Court. For BDI class dates, registrations and times, please call 561-642-2400. Cost: $30.00 if pre-registered and prepaid; $35.00 if paid at the door. On-Line class available: $28.95. CLICK HERE for On-line.

Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC): This course is a DHSMV ordered class. It is the same as BDI, but is required of individuals who have had traffic collisions twice in a two year period. The class length is four hours. Cost: $35.00

Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI): This is an eight-hour curriculum that addresses the issues of defensive driving strategies. It is usually Court mandated for individuals whose driving record indicates a pattern of dangerous driver behavior or who have recently completed the four-hour BDI course.To register and take the course on line, click here. Cost $60.00

Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI): Students are required to complete this twelve-hour course for a variety of reasons, often as a condition to reinstate their driver license. In ADI, students are required to look at attitudes and behaviors as they relate to a pattern of dangerous driver behavior. The course is designed to assist the student in establishing real behavioral changes while driving in an effort to preserve the public safety. Only specially trained, experienced professionals can facilitate an ADI course. Cost: $100.00

In keeping with our commitment to the community and to ongoing prevention education, the Pride Traffic Schools have worked with the Palm Beach County school system since 1990. Through a special arrangement, each school retains a portion of every student's enrollment fee for the DATE course. This arrangement has channeled thousands of dollars into the general fund for the school system, allowing for additional services that might otherwise be unaffordable.  We believe these contributions are consistent with our philosophy that intervention is of paramount importance in the prevention of future substance abuse and criminal behavior.

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The Pride Traffic School operates many enrollment sites and dozens of classroom sites, providing class schedules and classroom convenience often unprecedented in the Counties we serve. To inquire about traffic school, please contact the main office at:

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